The end of 2016

Merry Christmas fireBy implication, it may seem like chickens require a lot of care, as I haven’t written since October.  They don’t.  I’ve basically just had my hands full of children, baked goods and wrapping paper.  The chickens get thrown some veg and then we steal their eggs.

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Here come the girls

img_7355In my very last post, I did say that chickens were expected to land next year.  Turns out 2017 has come early here, because we just went and got them.

I’ll say it – they do freak me out a bit.  Their feet belong to dinosaurs, The Birds put me in fear of being pecked to death and when they want to run, they can sprint like mad.  Not to mention the flapping.  But there’s something about these ones – our ones – that I’m not quite as afraid of.  They’re actually very tame, and observing them, you can clearly see personalities coming through – this is just a couple of days in.

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What happened to the rest of the turf

Turf and a garden forkWe had a dither about what to do with the excess turf after we’d covered the area we’d ordered it for.  After listing it locally for a quick sale and getting no interest, Barry had a brainwave about a practical use for it in our own garden.

Behind the greenhouse was a fairly clear area, not a lot going on apart from the odd shrub and some mint.  We got a sunny day (not ideal for laying two-day old turf), but it meant we all got outside for a bit and Scarlett helped too.

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Get it off my chest

Pink and white drawers in situOne of the jobs on my to do list was to spray a chest of drawers white for Scarlett’s room, as all of the built-in furniture in there is white already. My first thought was to just buy a chest of drawers, but as we had an old one just sat there, albeit the wrong colour, it seemed a bit foolish.  Plus, there’s the added aspect that this particular piece of furniture happens to have been my dad’s, so I did really want to keep it.

The first thing I bought was the handles – I got them at the same time as the wardrobe, drawers and bedside cabinet handles for our bedroom a couple of months ago.

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Turf’s up

Turf deliveryThe turf arrived in huge rolls on a pallet that the strapping delivery guy couldn’t even pull down the drive. Turf is heavy!  We got lucky that it was a bit damp on the day, as apparently that will help the turf take a bit better than if it was sunny and dry.

I already talked about prepping the garden for the arrival, and on top of clearing the area, Barry spread some fertiliser over the ground right before rolling the new grass out.  He then spread grass seed over it too. You’ll see from the photos, but he sadly bought the wrong kind of weedkiller to get rid of the dandelions and sprayed the garden with a solution that’s killed huge patches of the grass that’s already there – just in case you were wondering!

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