Plans for the front garden

Rosehip pickingBack in July, I wrote about the front garden looking a bit overgrown.  This photo of Barry and Scarlett picking rosehips is from September, and as you can see, they should really have taken food and water, and maybe one of those survival bracelets with them to battle their way out again.

There are some lovely plants in the front, no doubt about it; delphiniums was probably my favourite surprise as the flowers appeared over the summer. But again, like some of the features that didn’t make the cut in the back garden, there are metaphors about coats and cloth here, and we’re not landscape gardeners, we both work, and we’ve got two kids.

Front garden February 2017Plus, it’s been a bit of an eyesore over the winter and the drive desperately needs redoing.  This is what the front garden looks like from Jude’s room.  Hope you appreciate this photo; I may or may not have put my phone in mortal danger trying to take this through the inch gap of a safety locked window.

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Painting Jude’s room

Jude's room before paintingI wrote about my ideas for Jude’s room way back in August when I had a few-weeks-old baby who fed pretty often, but also napped about 70% of his day away and I had loads of time on my hands.  We’d done nothing to his room apart from me making curtains in the summer, poor lad, he’s a real second child.  He has Scarlett’s bedroom furniture aaaaaanndd… that’s pretty much it.  That was his room.  To be fair, he didn’t care, he’s a baby, but I was feeling bad about it.  His baby book, which I recently forced myself to fill in, asks for the nursery colour scheme and accessories.  I couldn’t bring myself to write “magnolia” and “haha”.

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The end of 2016

Merry Christmas fireBy implication, it may seem like chickens require a lot of care, as I haven’t written since October.  They don’t.  I’ve basically just had my hands full of children, baked goods and wrapping paper.  The chickens get thrown some veg and then we steal their eggs.

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Here come the girls

img_7355In my very last post, I did say that chickens were expected to land next year.  Turns out 2017 has come early here, because we just went and got them.

I’ll say it – they do freak me out a bit.  Their feet belong to dinosaurs, The Birds put me in fear of being pecked to death and when they want to run, they can sprint like mad.  Not to mention the flapping.  But there’s something about these ones – our ones – that I’m not quite as afraid of.  They’re actually very tame, and observing them, you can clearly see personalities coming through – this is just a couple of days in.

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What happened to the rest of the turf

Turf and a garden forkWe had a dither about what to do with the excess turf after we’d covered the area we’d ordered it for.  After listing it locally for a quick sale and getting no interest, Barry had a brainwave about a practical use for it in our own garden.

Behind the greenhouse was a fairly clear area, not a lot going on apart from the odd shrub and some mint.  We got a sunny day (not ideal for laying two-day old turf), but it meant we all got outside for a bit and Scarlett helped too.

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