A trio of stools

ChairsA couple of months ago, I bought quite a few chairs and stools from a local guy I’d found on eBay.  The three stools weren’t top of my list of furniture we needed, but he was selling them anyway and we had a space for stools in the kitchen, so I made him an offer for the three lots together.  They’re supposed to be placeholder stools, but I still wanted to put some effort into making them fit the environment.

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Light up

Dining area lightWith the bones of the living room almost how we want it, we’re now looking at the lighting in there.  Mostly because two of the three bulbs over the dining table have blown and we don’t want to buy new ones for ceiling lights we don’t like!

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Building with reclaimed wood

IMG_6162Barry’s become a little addicted to Pinterest.  I suddenly started getting alert after alert of pins he’d saved for the house and garden, mostly project-based images, a lot of which were based around reclaimed wood.

Lo and behold – ten huge 3m planks of wood were delivered one day, and Barry had grand plans for them.

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The art of walking with nowhere to go

IMG_6270I like walking.  It’s probably borne from the need, because I learned how to drive a bit later than most, but I’d rather walk to the shop than jump in the car.  Unfortunately – and I’ve mentioned this before – that’s one thing we’ve had to sacrifice to live here – there’s no shop.

In fact, other than houses and farms, there are only two other buildings in this village – the village hall and the church next door.

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Mismatched chairs

IMG_5237I knew I wanted mismatched chairs for the rustic table and bench that we bought at the end of June.  I had a mooch on eBay and a guy only 15 minutes from us had a few listings up for chairs and stools of varying materials and descriptions, so I emailed him to see if he would take one price for all of them.

This has scored me seven chairs and three stools which all needed painting to match our living room.  So far, I’ve managed to paint… three.  Life with a baby!

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