We’re a lot more relaxed about babyproofing this time around.  Not that we don’t want Jude to be any less safe than Scarlett, obviously, but we know what was worthwhile from doing it all last time around.

Everything dangerous is clearly out of reach.  There are a lot of extra cupboards in this house that we didn’t have in the last house, which is handy.  They even left us a lockable medicine cabinet.  Plug covers are contentious… we bought them last time, and then threw them away after reading that they actually make the plug live, so we haven’t got those again.

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Creating the orchard

The trees arrived for the little orchard Barry’s creating – this one’s all him – all I’ve done for this is water a couple of trees. He’d allocated an area for it where the chickens are, near to a plum tree, and he’s chosen to plant them with an imaginary path running through there, for when we can get that down.

I was a bit surprised that five trees could be delivered packaged like this, and survive.  They seem ok though, kudos to UPS!

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Accessorising the living room

Our living room’s far from complete.  The ceiling has holes where the previous light fittings were (fixable), it needs another coat of paint in places (doable), and we’d love to put some wood flooring down across the whole of the bottom floor (definitely not happening right now).  But we’ve bought, inherited and made a few bits to make it feel like ours…

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Clipping their wings

Tiana taking the mickBefore DEFRA decided that we needed to keep our hens in, they had free reign of the bottom of the garden.  Barry put up a fence that’s about 4ft high, which actually posed no problem to them to fly over.  While they’re billed as not very good at flying, they can flap enough to get a bit of height, especially if they can “hop” from one thing to another, say… from the ground to the compost heap, to the potting shed… and then right off it.

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Getting the veg patch started

img_9735Barry dug out the veg patches a few months ago, and has been developing a plan for a whole host of new fruit and veg to try and grow this year.

Gone are the towering artichokes, tiny peas and failed onions from last summer’s beds.  As of last week, in trays in the potting shed, we have cauliflower, broad beans and chives, and he’s also chitted our potatoes; a verb I wasn’t even aware of until last week.  It means setting them out in the sun to sprout ready for planting (for the uninitiated, like me!).

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